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The idea of Dessert University sparked by an interview and the Rubik’s cube cake. Whilst we were talking with the well-established confectioner Cédric Grolet, and tasting of his hyper-realistic fruit pastries and Rubik’s cube cake, we realised that we are in the midst of a confectionary revolution.


The French cuisine and confectionery industry have always had a dominating influence over gastronomy. No doubt that Paris has been the patisserie capital for the past decade. The most innovative trends come from the French capital; the new generation of pastry chefs are growing distant from the traditional professionalism that was once deemed adequate. Contemporary innovation does not simply present itself through demand for quality ingredients and the advancement of technique. Natural and intense flavours, uniting a range of textures and groundbreaking designs are the key focus. Traditional confectionery is developing in a more precise and modern direction, where attention to detail is preeminent.


Dessert University aims to show and highlight these ongoing innovations, by inviting leading creatives to share their expertise in the form of masterclasses. With these masterclasses, we would like to not only encourage further radical thinking but teach those interested about the various new techniques that the new wave is bringing We are happily giving a platform to some leading figures within the industry that is accessible to the public. We promise to deliver detailed insight into techniques and newfound creative outlooks.

Judit Laufer

Judit launched Globalist Kitchen in 2013. She invites chefs from around the globe – from London, Paris, Stockholm just to mention a few – to Budapest to participate in pop-up dinners across the city’s range of restaurants. Upon the discovery of the progressive kitchens in Budapest, it is of high importance to her to popularise Hungarian culinary arts as well; Judit organises events in London with Hungarian chefs. Dinners held in Budapest during early 2020 saw the alliance of Hungarian writers and talented young chefs in creating the menus, subsequently, the writers shared some of their culinary experiences during the dinners.

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Tünde Valkovics

Tünde is a journalist who resides in Paris. Her articles, interviews and translations regularly appear in women’s and interior design magazines. Additionally, she launched her website Paris Now, which centres around everyday life in Paris, the culture and gastronomy, completed with Tünde’s photography. Her passion for French confectionary was exemplified when she tasted the timeless and traditional pastries at FERRANDI Paris, the world-renowned French gastronomic institution.

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