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Program in Budapest


Start:  16 November 2021  

End:  17 November 2021 

Hours: 9:00 - 18:00

Masterclass Level: Intermediate

Masterclass Theme: Panettone

Address: National Confectionery Association of Hungarian Confectioners

Budapest, Üllői út 674, 1185 Hungary


Price: 90000HUF + 27% VAT

Price includes: 

  • Coffee & light lunch.

  • Detailed recipe book with space for notes.

  • Certificate of participation signed by Claudio Perrando.

  • Photos with Claudio.

  • Simultaneous translation from English to Hungarian.

  • Dessert University apron.

  • Tasting!

What will you learn? 

  • Panettone Classico

  • Modern Panettone

  • Pandoro

  • Olive oil Brioche

  • Classic French Butter Brioche 

  • Lievito Madre from Zero

Claudio Perrando - @claudio.perrando

“Throughout the years, I’ve became respected by the most honourable bakers, who attentively following my work, and we often work together.”


Claudio Perrando is not one to stay put; he travels the world to learn and teach. The adventure began in 1998 when his father invited him to Panama, where he opened a hotel with an Italian restaurant on the Bocas del Tor island of the Caribbean. On the island, there was no bread or yeast. As an established chef, Claudio took matters into his own hands, and made leaven for the first time, based on his grandfather’s recipe which used fermented grapes. When he returned home to Germany 6 years later, he went to practise baking in a variety of bakeries. The Tartine Bakery in San Francisco had the biggest influence on his attitude towards bread-making. He started developing his recipes according to this new philosophy.

With the help of social media, he gained a considerable following, which led to several invitations all over the world to hold masterclasses, ranging from central America across the pacific to Kuwait and Israel. He lived in Hungary for a few years with his Hungarian girlfriend and managed the Skanzen bakery in Szentendre, where he gained even more expertise by experimenting and teaching workshops. Currently, he lives in Romania, where he works and holds online masterclasses.

His most famous recipe is the Pan de Cristal, and he asserts that his olive oil brioche is better than the classic butter brioche.

Within the masterclass in Budapest, he will teach us how to make his renowned brioche, different types of Panetonne, and his essential lievito madre.

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