Discover Our Guest Pastry Chefs

Our kitchen is home to an ever-changing line-up of talented pastry chefs and bakers from around the world who share our philosophy on what eating out and eating at home should be.  

Jeffrey Cagnes - Paris

“Pastry chefs choose this career path because our love for working by hand is our main driver and motivation.”


During Jeffrey Cagnes’ masterclass, we will learn step by step to create, the traditional, cutting-edge Stohrer specialities. The conventional techniques, multi-layered pastries, burnt doughnut dough, creams and mousses, multi-story religieuse, Paris’s best lemon cake, and finally the graceful French implementation is the class’s main objective.

Masterclass: 23th -24th March 2021
Tal Spiegel - Paris - Tel Aviv

Living in Paris, originally from Tel Aviv, the 37-year-old Tal Spiegel has not travelled the traditional path to becoming a pastry chef, however, this is what sets him apart from the rest.

“During my masterclass, I will demonstrate how to make some desserts that were inspired by the combination of my Israeli roots and skills mastered in France. I love combining flavours from my culinary past with ones I recently discovered. My course is centred around learning how to balance flavour combinations with aesthetics.”

Masterclass: 30th -31st March 2021
Mori Yoshida - Paris - Japan

„Combining the Japanese technique with the base ingredients from France truly embodies the idea of “French sweets made by a Japanese patissier”, and I find that really interesting.”

“When people find out I’m Japanese, they ask me why I don’t use more matcha or yuzu in my desserts. However, if I only used those ingredients, frankly anyone could recreate them. That’s why I focus on technique and aesthetics, to exploit the skills that I acquired over the years, like experimentation with techniques and tones of the desserts.”

Masterclass: 13th -14st April 2021
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