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Mori Yoshida opened his popular patisserie 8 years ago, in the elegant district 7 of Paris, located behind the Eiffel Tower. The contemporary and clean interior design of the space juxtaposes perfectly with the 44-year-olds unique desserts. Yoshida learnt to bake in his hometown and first came to Paris with the intention of mastering the art of French patisserie. Upon returning to Japan, he began his career working at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Tokyo and subsequently opened his own patisserie in Shizuoka. He gained national recognition when through coming first place not once, but twice (2006, 2007) on a televised Japanese bake-off show. Looking for further challenges, he returned to Paris, where before the opening of his own patisserie, he got to show off his incredible talent and creativity to other patisserie chefs such as Philippe Contocini and chocolate master Jacques Grenin. What sets Yoshida apart from other Japanese-Parisian confectioners is that whilst they create classic French confectionaries with Japanese ingredients, he created traditionally French confectionaries with refined Japanese creativity, accuracy and techniques.

“When people find out I’m Japanese, they ask me why I don’t use more matcha or yuzu in my desserts. However, if I only used those ingredients, frankly anyone could recreate them. That’s why I focus on technique and aesthetics, to exploit the skills that I acquired over the years, like experimentation with techniques and tones of the desserts.” Said Yoshida in an interview.”


Program in Budapest


What will you learn? 

  • Fruit swiss roll 

  • Waguri Japanese chestnut Mont Blanc 

  • Black sesame seed Paris-Brest 

  • Sakura cherry blossom mousse cake 

  • Lime lemon tea mousse cake 

  • Matcha chocolate cake 

  • Antharès strawberry lime mousse cake 

  • Vanilla coconut bomb 

  • Matcha cake 

Start: 31 August 2021  

End: 1 September 2021 

Hours: 9:00 - 18:00

Masterclass Level: Intermediate

Masterclass Theme: Classic French Pastries

Address: Miele látványkonyha, 1022 Alsó Törökvészi út 2.


Price: 130000HUF + 27% VAT

Price includes: 

  • Coffee & light lunch.

  • Detailed recipe book with space for notes.

  • Certificate of participation signed by the chef

  • Photos with Chef 

  • Simultaneous translation from French to English and Hungarian.

  • Dessert University apron

  • Tasting!

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