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Program in Budapest


Start:  26 October 2021  

End:  27 October 2021 

Hours: 9:00 - 18:00

Masterclass Level: Intermediate

Masterclass Theme: Individual desserts

Address: Miele látványkonyha, 1022 Alsó Törökvészi út 2.


Price: 130000HUF + 27% VAT

Price includes: 

  • Coffee & light lunch.

  • Detailed recipe book with space for notes.

  • Certificate of participation signed by the chef

  • Photos with Chef 

  • Simultaneous translation from English to Hungarian.

  • Dessert University apron

  • Tasting!

What will you learn? 

  • Exotic vanilla Christmas log

  • Orange blossom, citrus fruits Christmas log

  • Hazelnut caramel, chocolate Christmas log

  • Candied ananas, passion fruit créme brulée and almond coconut dacquoise cake

  • Chocolate, hazelnut streusel cake

  • Three chocolate cake

  • Candied fruits cake

  • Saffron pear almond tart

Claude Chiron - @claudechironferrandi

“My goal is to transfer my expertise gained over decades so that those who wish to learn can become new players within the pastry chef world.”

Within the Ferrandi school (named the “Harvard of gastronomy” by Le Monde magazine), the world’s most significant pastry chef training is taking place. Claude Chiron has been teaching at the famous institution for 12 years; the same place, where he completed his own education, 40 years ago. He teaches adults, professionals and young pastry chefs from all corners of the earth. Furthermore, he participated in the creation of the comprehensive collection of French patisseries’ history and recipes, the Ferrandi Cookbook, as well as being commissioned to design new desserts to this day.

Chiron worked in one of the citadels of French gastronomy, the Dalloyau, for 32 years where his responsibilities entailed supervision of the patisserie and the coordination of prestigious Paris events. They regularly catered desserts for opera events, as well as providing for the Elysse castle and ministries throughout Paris.

Claude Chiron’s masterclass in Budapest will focus on the new, traditional, and practical patisserie techniques, combined with economical usage of the ingredients.

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